Monday, April 16, 2018

A Boy and His Dog

Chance has always wanted a dog. He has dreamed about his truck having a dog in the backseat or bed just to make everything complete.
This is Chance curled up with his dog by the back door. If you look real close, you can see the little white paw in Chance's hand.
You may recall that Chance is moving in on being 6'2. The doggy pillow that he is sharing with the dog is 4 feet long. 
Chance doesn't seem to mind the confining space.
He now has a dog so life is good.

We had a dog when Chance was little. In fact, we had two dogs. The last one died about 9 years ago.

Cramped or not, Chance is willing to snuggle in, helping the pup feel at ease her first night home.

I am not sure exactly what happened, but at some point during the night, Chance moved out of the cage and made his bed on the wood floor next to the dog's bed. Apparently, the puppy's whining woke up many people in the household early this morning. She didn't wake up Chance though. He can withstand noises like whining in the morning since without his implants, his world is very peaceful and quiet.

The cowboy now has his dog to ride in the back of his truck. I think they are both going to be very happy.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Cowboy in a tree

 We went down to the lake to watch the sunset as a family one evening this week.  It was a beautiful sunset and as we stood on the shore of the lake, the croaking of frogs rang out like a song. The kids went exploring in the reeds while the frogs croaked and a gentle breeze rustled the dry plants.
 You may think that this looks like a cowboy in a tree.......and you would be right in that assumption. Chance shimmied up this tree in cowboy boots. It was rather impressive. The quality of the picture is lacking, but the tree climbing skills were fabulous.

Chance also went exploring in the reeds. which were at times tall enough to hide even his almost 6 foot 2 frame. Chance is a kid at heart and not one to just sit and watch the view. He can watch the view too, but he also wants to get out and experience the world hands on.
He likes wide open spaces and being out in the natural world.
Yep, I think we're going to keep him.

Monday, April 02, 2018

When April Fool's Day and Easter mix

At our house, Easter is a special holiday. It is a day of rebirth, a day to remember our Savior.

This year, Easter also fell on April Fool's Day.  Our kids have enjoyed the opportunity to play tricks each year, but for some reason this year Chance was feeling especially tricky. He must have stayed up half the night arranging tricks for us to wake up to.
Perhaps the fact that Chance has the next week off of school for Spring Break made him feel a bit more jovial and fun loving.
One of the first things we noticed this morning was that our milk was apparently holding us up when we opened the fridge and found our normally docile milk holding an airsoft gun and wearing a  bandana. The milk does look quite dangerous.

Chance also made sure that his sister was not left out of the holiday fun. He went into her room after she fell asleep and turned all of the things on her wall and dresser upside down.

There were many surprises for us when we woke up courtesy of Chance and his flair for April Fool's Day tricks. Chance had a good laugh many times today as we found the various tricks he had waiting for us.

He better be ready for next year as I believe his brothers and sisters will be ready for some payback. I have to admit though, between Chance's cleaver tricks and his good natured laughing when we found another way he had tricked us, today was quite humorous.

Just another way that Chance keeps our lives interesting.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Waking the dead

Waking Chance has always been a bit like waking the dead.  That kid can sleep through anything. A couple of year ago we tried a shaker alarm.  It didn't work.  He tried a deaf friend's shaking alarm clock and it didn't do the job. Chance could sleep through it.

I was at a the National Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Conference (EHDI) and came across this little beauty....

Well friends, we may have found a product that works in waking the other words Chance.
Chance tried it the first night and we all waited in anticipation to see if this little Timeshaker Wow had the power to get the job done.

Chance slept through it.

BUT the reason he slept through it, is because the little round part that goes under his pillow and does the shaking, is wireless and Chance didn't charge it long enough at first. So it didn't have a big enough charge to last through the entire night.

When the little shaker had been properly charged and the alarm level had been tuned onto earthquake level shaking,  it did indeed wake Chance up.

It was an exciting day that Chance will always remember.  He says he now understands why people want to push the snooze button as it is annoying to have something wake you up that you can't escape from. 

For years while most of the rest of us have been shaking our fists at the annoying sound of an alarm every morning, Chance has been missing out on that daily ritual. He can't escape it anymore.

The alarm is literally set at the "earthquake" level.......the highest one. This seems to be the level that is best for Chance.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

College Roadtrip

Image result for wyoming open road

Chance and one of his good friends did a road trip to check out a college they are interested in attending. The college arranged for them to spend two nights in the dorms and attend some classes.

Chance's friend is sold and plans to attend the school in the fall. Chance is still in the decision making process. He has a few schools to choose from.

Chance and his friend attended classes, cooked for themselves and played soccer. I am sure they also stayed within the speed limit each time they drove, including on the road trip to and from the school.

Chance's high school gives the seniors one excused absence for checking out colleges. Regardless of whether Chane ends up attending the school or not,  he says the experience was a good one. His friend of course thinks it would be fabulous if they both ended up attending the school together.  The boys could be roomies and embark on college life together. Chance thinks it would be fabulous as well, but it will depend on money.  Chance is waiting to see if there will be a scholarship offered.

Meanwhile, whatever he ends up choosing, Chance is excited for his future. He plans to work during the summer to put away some cash in his bank account.  College students can always use a bit of cash.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Entertaininment via Chance

Having deaf children around the house sometimes makes for humorous situations. Yesterday, as we were cleaning the house, Chance' s brother was going through a pile of papers.

As he was sifting through the papers, Chance's brother found two mailing envelopes he had bought at the post office so he could send t-shirts through the mail and figure out which one had cheaper postage and offered the best protection for the contents inside.

"These are mine," he said lifting the envelopes out of the pile. "I bought two envelopes to test."

Chance stopped what he was doing across the room and said, 'WHAT?"

"I bought two envelopes to test." His brother repeated holding them up for Chance to see.

" I thought you said, "I bought a pregnancy test!" Chance said as he started to laugh.

I do believe that this situation will be one that the family laughs about for years to come. Chance helped bring humor to the rather boring task of going through papers.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

The cabin where Chance cooked, skied and went sledding

Our family headed up for a cabin vacation last week. It was truly lovely. Chance was in his element being out in nature and being able to spend lots of time outdoors.

The sledding hill went through these trees and onto the frozen lake in the background.

Chance made a killer sledding hill by shaping the snow on the hill next to the cabin by using his hands and a shovel.  He always takes care of us that way....making sure we have a proper place to sled. There was a jump in the middle of the sled run where one would get airborne for a bit before landing and sliding out onto the frozen lake.

There was also cross country skiing, and snow shoeing. Oh, and the hot tub. Even though the temperature was about 18 degrees Fahrenheit, Chance preferred being outside to the hot tub. He would go out first thing in the morning and then come in all covered with snow.

Chance also wanted to learn to cook tomato soup at the cabin. Chance's dad is a fabulous cook and he makes tomato soup from scratch. Chance said that he was always enjoying his dads cooking but he didn't know how to cook the meals himself and he wanted to change that. So Chance made tomato soup with his dad and I can tell you that it was absolutely delicious. The warm soup with fresh homemade French bread was just what we needed as we watched the snow fall outside.

Chance makes soup!

We got about 3 feet of snow while we stayed at the cabin. We were hoping to get snowed in on the last day so that we would have to stay longer, but alas the snowplow man came through and dashed all of our hopes.

Our little van buried by the falling snow

Even though the road outside the cabin had been plowed, there was still enough snow that it required us to use chains on the tires to get out.  Luckily, Chance is the outdoorsy sort so he got out and helped his dad put the chains on the tires in the cold and the snow.

Chance putting on chains to help us navigate the snow

Chance helped to take good care of all of us at the cabin by making sled hills, taking his siblings out to play when they wanted to go outside, making yummy soup and just being overall helpful. He makes a great traveling companion.

Winter wonderland

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Chance applies to colleges

Once upon a time there was little boy named Chance. He was a very cute little boy and he loved to play with his older brother who was his best buddy.

Chance and his brother singing together at the Speech Fair

Then suddenly without warning, the little boy grew up. He got bigger and started to wear cowboy hats on a regular basis. 

Chance at home in the mountains in his cowboy hat

Now, the little boy that grew up is in the process of hearing back from colleges that he has applied to. He is deciding which college he wants to attend. 
In the meantime, he will play soccer for his high school team, continue to work at his job each day and do his homework in a timely fashion. 
Chance was a fun little boy who was always playing imaginary games with his brother or exploring outside.
Now he is still fun, and he still likes to go exploring outside, but now he goes to dances with girls too. 
It will be exciting to see where Chance goes next. I have a feeling that great adventure await him and his cowboy hat. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Florida Report

Chance has now decided that he really likes Florida. He was able to do things there that he can't do here. Things like wear shorts in January, see rockets and visit Daytona raceway. Plus, he bunked with friends every night and when he is in our state, his friends all have their own houses to return to each evening.

Chance drank a lot of root beer while he was away. If you know Chance, this is not a surprise. He has a ritual of drinking root beer while he is on vacation. Chance is kind of a root beer snob......he likes to drink the specialty varieties of root beer.  The kind that comes in bottles and costs quite a bit more than the cans that you buy out of the vending machine.

This is what Chance had to say about the trip:

Getting to learn about space exploration at the Kennedy Space Center was a highlight of the trip. I was able to see the Atlantis Space Shuttle, the most recent space shuttle to retire and the end of the Space Shuttle Program. I was able to do some Astronaut training, where I was able to do a micro-gravity ladder, then I was a pilot for a Space Shuttle simulation. I was also able to do the spinning contraption that trains astronauts to control a spacecraft when it is spinning out of control with a joystick.

This whole trip was an absolute experience, ranging from space exploration, to raising a little cain with the boys, to taking a trip to see old cars (my kind of cars),  and seeing the mechanics and facts at Daytona Speedway.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Chance Visits Florida

Chance is on his way!
It has been a long spell since I wrote about Chance and his doings. He has been a busy boy, working, playing soccer and fitting in straight A's this last semester. I will have to do some catch up in the coming weeks, but for now, I will start right where he is at the moment. 

At this very moment, Chance is in an airplane on his way to Florida for a school trip. He will visit The Kennedy Space Center and learn about space science as well as visit Daytona speedway to learn about propulsion along with other field trips. Chance is very excited. Several of his good friends are going on the trip as well and they are planning to have a grand time. 

As we walked out of the airport after dropping Chance off, our breath hung in the air in a cloud in front of us due to the cold.  The wisps of air matched the fog that surrounded the valley. Several flights were delayed due to the weather. Chance's plane was able to take off on time though and he is now somewhere over the mountains heading east.

I think we can state with great confidence that Chance will be experiencing much warmer weather tomorrow morning than those of us he left behind. It should be glorious.