Monday, August 27, 2018

Chance, the Tramp and the Dog

Last night Chance and two of his friends slept out on our trampoline. The weather was nice, the boys wanted to sleep in the fresh air, and they had our dog to protect them.

Apparently the presence of the boys in the backyard was a little overly stimulating for our 7 month old dog and she spent a good part of the night whining and barking to get the boys' attention. Well, Chance was just fine after his night's rest.  His friends, however, were a little tired this morning when they came into the house as they had actually heard the dog throughout the night.

At one point, our pup got a hold of one of the boys' cell phones which was next to the tramp plugged in using an extension cord. The dog actually got a hold of the extension cord, which caused the cell phone to fly across the yard. Chance's two friends had the thought even in their sleepy state, that the dog should not be chewing on a live cord with power surging through it.  It was at this point that they decided to wake Chance up. Or try to wake him up. Chance sleeps like the dead. Eventually however, Chance was brought out of his silent slumber.

The dog lived.

Chance's friends were quite tired today.

Chance was well rested and said that his friends should have woken him up earlier because then he could have pulled the dog next to him to sleep and she would have settled down.

Next time, everyone will have a better idea of what they should do when the dog grabs the charging cell phone in the yard so it is a win/win for all involved.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Summer Adventures

Summer has rapidly flown by like usual.  We still have the rest of the week left before school starts again and we are trying to squeeze in one more family outing.

Chance will not be starting school again. How weird is that? It is still a strange thought to me that I do not need to consider Chance when planning out the school year.

Chance no longer needs graph paper, folders or paper.  I will not see his delight when he gets a new mechanical pencil. He really likes those.

Chance will be attending college, but he has deferred He is working right now to save up some money.

Chance has had a great summer. He has camped in the Teton Mountains, ridden a bike through mountain passes and tunnels up in the panhandle of Idaho and kayaked down rivers. Like most jobs, his work is done indoors so he likes to get out in nature whenever he can during his off time.

Pictures of Chance's adventures are coming. Along with his assessment of his new and improved implants.