Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hair cuts

You know how moms take pictures of their little kids when they get a haircut......well I took pictures of Chance getting his haircut last week.
You will notice that the front of Chance's hair is a different color than the rest of his hair.  He was  dying the front of his hair a lighter color on purpose for over a year. Then he stopped.
Apparently his hair didn't get the message.  Chance dyed the front of his hair back to the
same color of brown as the rest of his hair and all his hair was the same color again.
Now, the front of Chance's hair is going lighter than the rest of his hair---without
Chance even trying to do make it happen.
I guess we'll see what happens to his hair this summer.
Chance decided to buzz the sides of his hair and leave the top longer.


Chance has an eventful summer planned this year.  He just got back from scout camp (pictures coming soon), he has been mowing lawns and working at a print shop when they need him, he will go to a camp called Basecamp later this summer and we have a family trip planned. 
Chance is also getting ready to get his driver's license, all he has to do is get in his driving time in with an instructor. 
Chance really is quite fun to have around. He makes us laugh and he is really helpful around the house.
He is a natural organizer and is good at cleaning. Every mom could use a kid like that.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Rodeo Time!

This week we made our annual visit to the rodeo that our city holds each summer.  The kids love the rodeo and look forward to it all year long.  Chance is part cowboy.  He comes from good cowboy stock.  Many of his ancestors were farmers and ranchers and Chance has some of that flowing through his blood.  He does look pretty good in a cowboy hat and cowboy boots.  I get asked on a regular basis by the kids if we can get a horse. The answer is no, we don't have space for a horse right now.  BUT, we have made the first step in becoming ranchers by acquiring some chickens so we can get fresh eggs.
This is my bench. The chickens have taken a liking to it but I just don't know that we can share it. 

Chance says that riding a bull is on his bucket list of things to do before he dies.  He better do that particular activity while he is young.  It is an intense sport that entails a lot of stamina. As well as courage and strength with a body that can be bucked off of an animal and get back up again with at least some body parts still intact. Young bodies do that best.

Chance and Ammon checking out the bulls

These brothers want to be ranchers

Chance looks the part of a cowboy and he has cowboy blood running through his veins. We'll see where that leads him in life. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Driver's Education

We had friends visit from out of town so we took them to the zoo.  They hadn't been to the zoo in years and our zoo has really changed a lot.  A bit like Chance.....he has changed a lot too these past few years as well. The picture above shows him at the zoo sneaking up on his brother in a game of tag.  That sort of play  has been going on for years with his brother.  But Chance taking Driver's Education hasn't been going on for years.  I don't think Chance would be willing to return to school during the summer for very many subjects, but he makes an exception for Driver's Ed.  Driver's Ed is his ticket to freedom. With a license he can drive himself around and meet up with friends.  Since Chance attends a charter school, many of his friends from school don't live around us and it takes driving to get to their houses.  Chance now wants to drive every time the family gets in the car to go anywhere. If he could he would drive to the store for me just to get milk or any other item, just as long as he could drive. He can not drive alone however until he gets his license.
Chance has  wanted to spend more time with me in the car lately.  I like to think that is because he finds me charming and witty.  He also needs me in order to drive. I am sure that is not related to anything.