Monday, March 12, 2018

Entertaininment via Chance

Having deaf children around the house sometimes makes for humorous situations. Yesterday, as we were cleaning the house, Chance' s brother was going through a pile of papers.

As he was sifting through the papers, Chance's brother found two mailing envelopes he had bought at the post office so he could send t-shirts through the mail and figure out which one had cheaper postage and offered the best protection for the contents inside.

"These are mine," he said lifting the envelopes out of the pile. "I bought two envelopes to test."

Chance stopped what he was doing across the room and said, 'WHAT?"

"I bought two envelopes to test." His brother repeated holding them up for Chance to see.

" I thought you said, "I bought a pregnancy test!" Chance said as he started to laugh.

I do believe that this situation will be one that the family laughs about for years to come. Chance helped bring humor to the rather boring task of going through papers.

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