Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I am sitting here at the desk listening intently to a Collin Raye song.  Chance is standing here next to me with a questioning look on his face waiting for me to reveal what the lyrics are saying in a few spots of the song.
You see Chance loves Collin Raye and is listening to one of his CD's while he does his job of cleaning the kitchen table and mopping the floor.
Chance thought he heard the word freez'in and wants to know what that word means.  This word is not to be confused with the word freezing as Chance is emphatic that freezing is not the word used in the song.  It is doubtful freezing is the word used since it is a love song.
Ahh Hahhh!  The word in question is "prison".  Collin Raye says prison.
I have been singing the lyrics as Chance closely watches my face.  I think we've answered the questions for this morning.  At least for this particular song:)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Take your ears off

We were driving in the van into the dark of night when Chance's brother mentioned that someone has been making fun of him and mocking him in front of some of the other boys . It was someone that we all knew, and I feel that when my kids are talking to me about other people, it is on a sort of need to know basis. Unless it affects them, I feel we should try to have respect for all of the parties involved which means not sharing information all round. This helps keep harmonious relationships with people around us and makes sure that an ant hill is not blown into a mountain.

So I jokingly told Chance to turn off his ears while we turned onto the road.

A few minutes later Chance asked," Can I put my implants back on now?"

What an obedient boy! The magnets of the implants lay limply by his head and his sweet face was turned to me with that simple question of,"Can I put my implants back on now?"

Now, if only all of the family had this ability, imagine how easily Christmas surprises could be discussed:)

Monday, December 05, 2011

Chance's watch

Chance has a watch that he wears most all of the time. He is conscientious about time and tries to make sure he is on time to scouts etc. which is a good thing.
However, for some inconceivable reason, the alarm goes off on this watch at odd times sometimes. It just starts beeping. This is all well and good if you are deaf and it goes off in the middle of the night.
However, when you have perfectly normal hearing and an alarm goes off at 1:00 a.m., you notice.
Chance fell asleep curled up by the fire on our bedroom floor. He looked so snugly we just left him there for the night.
Then the alarm went off in the early morning hours. Chance slept blissfully on while his dad and I lay in bed trying to figure out first of all what the noise was, and then wondering when the noise would end.
The alarm usually doesn't last long, just long enough to wake you up when you hear it.
Unless you are Chance of course. In which case, the alarm going off has no affect on you and is thus useless:)