Monday, April 02, 2018

When April Fool's Day and Easter mix

At our house, Easter is a special holiday. It is a day of rebirth, a day to remember our Savior.

This year, Easter also fell on April Fool's Day.  Our kids have enjoyed the opportunity to play tricks each year, but for some reason this year Chance was feeling especially tricky. He must have stayed up half the night arranging tricks for us to wake up to.
Perhaps the fact that Chance has the next week off of school for Spring Break made him feel a bit more jovial and fun loving.
One of the first things we noticed this morning was that our milk was apparently holding us up when we opened the fridge and found our normally docile milk holding an airsoft gun and wearing a  bandana. The milk does look quite dangerous.

Chance also made sure that his sister was not left out of the holiday fun. He went into her room after she fell asleep and turned all of the things on her wall and dresser upside down.

There were many surprises for us when we woke up courtesy of Chance and his flair for April Fool's Day tricks. Chance had a good laugh many times today as we found the various tricks he had waiting for us.

He better be ready for next year as I believe his brothers and sisters will be ready for some payback. I have to admit though, between Chance's cleaver tricks and his good natured laughing when we found another way he had tricked us, today was quite humorous.

Just another way that Chance keeps our lives interesting.

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