Monday, June 24, 2019

So Chance is Still in England

It has been a minute since I have given an update about Chance.
He is still in England.
He has experienced major rainstorms and 
he got to visit Cow and Calf.

You may be wondering what exactly Cow and Calf is.
It is an outlook that overlooks a gorgeous 
When new missionaries arrive in England they visit the site
and get their picture taken.
Then they visit again for another picture when they are getting
ready to return home.
Chance arrived in England, his mission president was in 
a meeting in another part of the country so he was
told that he would visit Cow and Calf a month
later when new missionaries came in.
Chance loved it.
Since he knew about the tradition, he was anticipating the moment when 
it would be his turn to visit.
He was not disappointed.

And here is Chance in his own words on how his week 
has been:
"This past week I've had some discouraging moments and it's been a bit rough trying to adjust to England and the missionary life outside of the MTC. However, my dad pointed something out to me that was really cool that often times we all forget, and that is this: Great things come to pass after the trial of our Faith. This is so true. Often times we might find ourselves in the middle of a storm trying to figure out why we are there and why we are doing what we are doing, but it is after the storm has passed that we truly see how that storm shaped us and how we were able to grow closer to our Savior, and that we are truly being refined by the Saviors refining fire. After those storms, those hard times are when we see the blessings that come from them. 

And lastly, I just wanted to give thanks to my Father and to my grandfathers and who ever else may have been somewhat of a fatherly figure in my Life. My dad has been an excellent example to me, he has shown me what a man should be and how he should act. I hope that I can be half as hardworking, loving, humble, and selfless as my dad when I grow up. 

Our Heavenly Father is our loving Father in Heaven. He truly genuinely cares and loves each one of us and knows us personally. He is our perfect father. As we draw closer to him, he takes joy in that and as we draw further from him and disobey his commandments, he wishes you to return back to his presence. He truly wants the best for all of us. If you are not as close to your Father in Heaven, draw closer to him and get to know him. I know that he is happy when we make the right choices."

I would invite you all to give thanks to your father's, and if you don't have a father, thank the men in your life that have lead you, guided you, and are the fatherly figures in your lives. Thank them for all that they do and never take them for granted, because they are truly a huge part of our lives.