Monday, April 09, 2018

Cowboy in a tree

 We went down to the lake to watch the sunset as a family one evening this week.  It was a beautiful sunset and as we stood on the shore of the lake, the croaking of frogs rang out like a song. The kids went exploring in the reeds while the frogs croaked and a gentle breeze rustled the dry plants.
 You may think that this looks like a cowboy in a tree.......and you would be right in that assumption. Chance shimmied up this tree in cowboy boots. It was rather impressive. The quality of the picture is lacking, but the tree climbing skills were fabulous.

Chance also went exploring in the reeds. which were at times tall enough to hide even his almost 6 foot 2 frame. Chance is a kid at heart and not one to just sit and watch the view. He can watch the view too, but he also wants to get out and experience the world hands on.
He likes wide open spaces and being out in the natural world.
Yep, I think we're going to keep him.

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