Monday, May 30, 2016

Rainfall on the deck

I have been living with a deaf person for a long time now so I think more about hearing and what is not being heard on a regular basis.  Every once in a while though, I realize that I am not thinking about what can and cannot be heard.

We are having a rainstorm and the window is open so you can hear the sound of the rain falling on the wood of  the back deck. There are items the kids need to put away by the window so in an effort to motivate them, I said, "Hey, who wants to clean up by the window and then we can set up sleeping bags and fall asleep listening to the rain?"

Chance piped in with, "Um, that won't help me. I can't hear rain while I sleep."
Then Chance's little brother chimed in with, "Ya, I won't be able to hear it either."

Apparently if you have deaf children, being able to listen to the rain fall while you sleep is not a good motivation.   

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hello. I can't hear you, please try again.

We were at a store and found some shorts that we thought Chance might be interested in.  Since he keeps growing ever taller, he has outgrown most of his shorts.  You would think that shorts could just be shorter than they were the year before, but many of Chance's shorts are an awkward fit now too.
Thus, when we found shorts on sale that looked like Chance's style, we sent pictures to see if he liked any of them.  He did like them and he replied to my text with, "Yes I do!"
The only problem was, Chance had fallen asleep and we had been trying to reach him for an hour and a half by the time he responded.  We knew he was asleep when we left for the store and being deaf and all with implants off, he did not hear his phone when we called him.  By the time he responded to the text we were on our way home.
I called him to tell him that we had left the store and before I could say anything, Chance answered the phone and said, "I can't hear you. My implants are not on. Text me."
I had the thought that Chance would not be able to tell if I said OK or if I heard him, but apparently he had faith that all would just work out with out him hearing my response.
It was a little odd that he would answer the phone just so he could tell me he couldn't hear me, but it gave his dad and I a good laugh.
Chance did not get the shorts.  Maybe we'll have to go back to the store at a later date when Chance is either responding to my texts in a timely fashion, or when he can hear me over the phone when I call.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Chance is 16!

Everyone tells you when you become a parent, that time will pass by really fast and that before you know it, your baby will be all grown up.
What they say is true!

It seems like just yesterday that Chance was setting up camp in the living room with his brother....literally.  They set up their little tent by the gas fireplace and pretended to be camping. They slept inside the tent in sleeping bags and "roasted" marshmallows by the fireplace.
And then there were the little cars I would find everywhere.  Chance used our blinds in the living room window for roads and our breadbox for a garage.  There were cars spread out by the fireplace and in between the railing of the stairs.  These cars were not just randomly placed, it was all very organized. Sometimes Chance combined his cars with his train set and had a whole township.

Now there is a tall skinny teenager walking around my house, laughing a bit when I have to jump to reach something out of the top cupboards and telling me I am having "short people problems." I am not that short, it is just that Chance is so tall.
Sixteen is a big benchmark birthday. Not only will Chance be taking drivers education to officially get his driver's license, (he has a permit now and can drive in our state and a neighboring state), but in our house, sixteen is the age when you can start dating.
Chance is excited for both of these adventures.   Of course, along with driving and dating comes a need for money.  Gas and taking girls out requires some cash.  This has occurred to Chance and he is going to be looking for a job as well.  He had a good job, but the printer closed up shop so now Chance will be looking for a job this summer.  Most jobs around here require that you be sixteen to work. Chance has had jobs since age fourteen, but being sixteen will open up more jobs to choose from.
This summer will be full of driving, dates, and working. Along with swim team and soccer of course.
Let the adventures begin!

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Chance will Entertain your Date.

Chance likes to talk to people.  A few weeks ago, Chance drove with his brother to take a date home.
She lived an hour away so Chance went along to help keep his brother awake on the drive home since the date got over rather late.
The next day, Chance's brother said,"Chance talked to my date almost more than I did!"
Chance replied, "It was a new person! I just have to talk to new people I meet."

Chance at an arch during a recent trip through Southern Utah.
I wonder if the fact that she was a cute girl had any influence over Chance's behavior.  Chance is quite social and his brother has been known to complain that he waits in the car after school while Chance says goodbye to everyone in the halls. I don't know that Chance talks to EVERYONE in the halls at school, but he has blossomed into quite a little social bug who enjoys meeting new people.

We went to a park for a going away party for a friend and there was a quiet woman sitting at the end of one of the picnic tables. Since Chance is always throwing Chinese words around when he talks to me, the woman heard Chance using Mandarin and turned to me and asked,"He speaks Mandarin?" When I replied that yes he is learning the language, she told me that she moved to the United States from Taiwan when she was a girl and that she grew up speaking Mandarin in her home.  I called Chance over and he sat down and they started talking.

Chance has his moments when he is more reserved of course.  It has just been fun to watch him blossom into such a social person.  And should you need someone to talk to your date, you can give Chance a call:)