Sunday, February 28, 2010

The gig is up

Chance doesn't usually wear his implants when he goes to bed. Most of the time, he will take them off and put them under his pillow if he doesn't put them in his dry and store box. So, when I noticed while putting away clothes, at an hour that no child in the house should have been up, that Chance's implants were on, a light went on for me. Sure, Chance was laying on his pillow all still like with his head facing away from me. Yet, when I barely tapped him, his head popped up and he informed me that he was almost asleep. Usually Chance is dead to the world once he is out. Uh huh. Those red little blinking lights on his implants have betrayed him. Nice try. Almost asleep. And I'm almost on a cruise.


Chance walked up to give me a hug and as he did, he dropped a note in my lap. It was a simple note, yet it had the ultimate expression of love. It read:"Mom, I love you more than my implants!!!!!"

Wow, now that is devotion. I'm framing this one.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

As Chance does, so do his siblings

Chance has a tendency to do something a little funky to the "g" sound at the end of the word dang it. He has a sound for the g, but it is not quite strong enough and is too soft.
Typical usage of this word by Chance are in phases like this,"Dang it! This coupon is not good anymore!" Or, "I forgot to get my jacket! Dang it!"
It really is a unique thing that Chance does to the word dang it. The funny thing is, I have now realized that Chance's two younger siblings say dang it the same way. Whatever funky twist Chance has put on the word, his siblings have been able to duplicate it.
I guess we'll just have our own unique family version of the word dang it. It will be the mark we leave on this world when we have gone the way of all the earth. Perhaps generations of our family line will be united forever by the way the word dang it is pronounced.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Keeping us all on the same page

Every once in a while, we have a situation where Chance's implants are not on but I don't realize this, so I go on talking to the kids assuming that everyone knows what the plan is.

This morning, Chance's brother was in the shower and Chance kept tossing a mini basketball over the shower curtain and then he would giggle as his brother threw it back. We were in a hurry to get somewhere, and when I realized what they were doing, I told them to stop playing and finish getting ready.

The boys didn't stop immediately but instead Chance tossed the ball back and forth a few more times, because when I checked again, the ball toss was still going on. In a stern mommy voice, I reiterated that we were in a hurry and the ball tossing must stop. Undaunted, Chance continued.

By now I was not a happy mommy. "The ball is now mine." I announced.

 "It's Chance!" His brother said emphatically from behind the shower curtain.

When I reached to take the ball, Chance looked at me and summed up that I was not happy. With his head down, and a look of confusion on his face, he quickly left the bathroom. It was as he was leaving that I realized that he had never put his implants on after getting out of the shower.

Poor kid. He had no idea of the build up that had come before I took the ball. He just kind of slinked away not knowing why I was upset. I always feel bad when that happens. Chance is a pretty obedient kid. It helps if he hears what I say though:)

I always feel bad when a situation like this happens. I don't like to think of Chance trying to figure out what went wrong after the fact because he did not hear anything that was going on.

I try to ensure that Chance has his implants on when I talk to him in the morning or after he gets out of the shower. Him not hearing me is bound to happen sometimes when he can take his ears off I guess. But I am glad it doesn't happen too often.