Monday, April 17, 2017

Dying Easter Eggs

We got down to business dying Easter eggs this past week. It is always fun to get out the colors and see what we can create.
Chance and Ammon took the task of dying Easter eggs seriously.  There are color combinations to perfect and sayings that can be written on eggs with crayon so that the dye will color the egg everywhere but where the writing is.
After some care and creativity, the eggs were a success. 
We have been dying eggs since Chance was a tiny tot and didn't have the language to tell us what colors he preferred. 
Now he can tell us what what he wants without a problem and this Easter, he wanted eggs that were multi-colored. 

The color options

Testing the colors

Chance carefully watches his egg to make sure it turns out just right. 

Sunday, April 09, 2017

A temporary farewell...

Our family has been very busy the last few weeks. Chance's older brother, cohort in crime and best friend, left to serve a mission for our church this week. He will be gone for two years and live in the country of Brazil. Two years sounds like a long time, and when you think about it, it does seem like a long time to be apart. The fact that Chance's brother was willing to put his schooling and other things on hold, shows how strongly he feels that going on a mission to Brazil is what he needs to do with his life right now.  The last few weeks we have been busy getting Chance's brother the things he will need while living in Brazil along with spending time together as a family.

We will miss him, he brings a lot of joy to our family, but I am so excited for his journey. He is going to grow to love the people of Brazil and they will forever occupy a spot in his heart. It will be fun to hear what he is experiencing and how he is growing while he serves the people of Brazil. He worked hard to earn a big chunk of the money that he will need for the next two years. (Missions are self-funded, either by the missionary, or with the help of family and friends.)

Chance is excited for his brother, but it was also a hard good-bye for him. The boys cried and hugged as they said goodbye at the airport.

We will write letters and send emails. Phone calls will be limited to just a few a year. It has been a special time for our family as we sent our oldest child off into the world. We have laughed, we have cried and we have hugged.

Chance is missing his brother, and the two of them  will have a heartfelt reunion in a few years when his brother returns. In the meantime, Chance is now the oldest child in the family and in charge. He is already stepping in to give extra love to his younger brothers and sisters.

Here is an idea of what life as a missionary is like: