Sunday, July 15, 2018

AND......We Have New Upgraded Implants!

Chance had a very exciting visit to the audiologist's office this week. That is not to say that our audiologist is not one of the best at what he does and not always is just that some visits to the audiologists are more exciting than others.

When you just got your new implants in the mail and you are waiting to get them programmed so that you can experience all of the fantastic features you have heard they have, you live in anticipation of the visit to the audiologist.

Chance was in fine form the day we made the 2 hour trip to the audiologist. He had the briefcases that his implants had arrived in and when he took the implants out of their box, they were shiny new and practically glistening.

Chance had his iphone ready. He had his cowboy hat on and was wearing his George Strait shirt. In fact, if you listen closely in the video, you will hear Chance talk about how he wants to hear some "King George" when his implant is synced to his iphone.

The new implants did not disappoint. Chance is still only hours into his new implants, maybe two days when you add up all of the time together. Chance got the new implants programmed on Monday afternoon about 3:00.  On Tuesday morning he left for a scout outing in the Tetons of Wyoming where he DID NOT wear his new implants as the activities included rafting down a river.  Chance already had a close encounter with river water and implants that didn't turn out well in June. So, he wore his new implants for a few hours and then switched back over to the older models.  He actually didn't even wear his older model implants on the river.....he only had the silence of the scenery and the river.   Ironically, four different scout leaders told Chance's dad that they were glad that Chance had gone on the trip with them. They said that he was good leader on the river. So even in his world of silence with no hearing devices, Chance helped lead out. Chance put the new implants back on about 3:00 Saturday afternoon when he got home and then today has been the only day that he has actually worn them full time.

There are some adjustments to be made with the new implants. Chance is talking a bit louder as he adjusts. He also says that the new feature in the implant that causes it to automatically adjust to the noise in your environment makes the music coming out of the car radio really quiet when he is alone in the car. He also can no longer hear the engine of the truck he drives when he is in the cab of the truck. No doubt, Chance will spend the next little bit learning just what his new implants do.

It was really like Christmas morning for Chance when the new implants arrived. Chance made us all swear that we would not open the Cochlear package that the UPS driver delivered while he was at work. We may have tormented him a bit about this. I sent him a text after the UPS left saying that the implants had been delivered and that I didn't know if I could resist not looking at them until he got home. He sent me a text that said, "Don't you dare!"

Then his brother sent a picture of himself holding a knife up to the packaging tape on the box pretending to be opening the package. Chance sent a text to him too saying, "Don't you dare!'

Needless to say, Chance got home from work and his first order of business was to open his prize and take a look at his implants.