Monday, January 08, 2018

Chance Visits Florida

Chance is on his way!
It has been a long spell since I wrote about Chance and his doings. He has been a busy boy, working, playing soccer and fitting in straight A's this last semester. I will have to do some catch up in the coming weeks, but for now, I will start right where he is at the moment. 

At this very moment, Chance is in an airplane on his way to Florida for a school trip. He will visit The Kennedy Space Center and learn about space science as well as visit Daytona speedway to learn about propulsion along with other field trips. Chance is very excited. Several of his good friends are going on the trip as well and they are planning to have a grand time. 

As we walked out of the airport after dropping Chance off, our breath hung in the air in a cloud in front of us due to the cold.  The wisps of air matched the fog that surrounded the valley. Several flights were delayed due to the weather. Chance's plane was able to take off on time though and he is now somewhere over the mountains heading east.

I think we can state with great confidence that Chance will be experiencing much warmer weather tomorrow morning than those of us he left behind. It should be glorious.