Thursday, July 07, 2016

The drive thru

Chance and I went through a drive through at McDonalds so that he could get some food before going to work.  Hearing over the speaker in the drive-thru can be difficult for Chance and he was having a hard time understanding the man asking questions.

Chance ordered one item off the menu and the drive-thru guy asked: "Is that all?"

Chance looked at me since he didn't understand what the guy had said.

I nodded my head and told him to say yes.

Meanwhile, because we were not answering right away, the guy asked again but in a different way.
"Would you like anything else with that?" I told Chance to say no.

Chance said no and then started driving to the pick- up window.  "Mom! You say yes, then no, it's confusing!"

I explained that the guy in the drive-thru kept asking questions that needed different answers.

Chance likes drive-thru's for the convenience just like everybody else, but hearing through the intercom at the drive-thru can be a challenge.