Sunday, April 22, 2018

Snuggling For Warmth With the Pup

The second night she was home, Ammon climbed into the dog igloo on the deck and slept with her.
He didn't seem to mind the nip in the air at night. 
His devotion to cuddling the dog came first........before any trivial thing like the warmth of being in the house.
The pup is used to sleeping outside as that is where she stayed with her momma. She comes from a city that is 6,486 above sea level in the mountains.
Our elevation is 4,623 in the shadow of the mountains so our nights are warmer than what she has been experiencing at her place of birth.
She did have her momma that she would snuggle with though, so Ammon elected to take the snuggle role to help the pup keep warm.
Ammon is hanging out of the igloo a bit, but it seems to be working out well for both parties involved.

It looks like everyone is comfy cozy in their igloo home sharing body heat. I think they both have found their pack. And since Ammon has his implant and hearing aid off, he should sleep well no matter what kind of noises the puppy may make in the night.

Monday, April 16, 2018

A Boy and His Dog

Chance has always wanted a dog. He has dreamed about his truck having a dog in the backseat or bed just to make everything complete.
This is Chance curled up with his dog by the back door. If you look real close, you can see the little white paw in Chance's hand.
You may recall that Chance is moving in on being 6'2. The doggy pillow that he is sharing with the dog is 4 feet long. 
Chance doesn't seem to mind the confining space.
He now has a dog so life is good.

We had a dog when Chance was little. In fact, we had two dogs. The last one died about 9 years ago.

Cramped or not, Chance is willing to snuggle in, helping the pup feel at ease her first night home.

I am not sure exactly what happened, but at some point during the night, Chance moved out of the cage and made his bed on the wood floor next to the dog's bed. Apparently, the puppy's whining woke up many people in the household early this morning. She didn't wake up Chance though. He can withstand noises like whining in the morning since without his implants, his world is very peaceful and quiet.

The cowboy now has his dog to ride in the back of his truck. I think they are both going to be very happy.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Cowboy in a tree

 We went down to the lake to watch the sunset as a family one evening this week.  It was a beautiful sunset and as we stood on the shore of the lake, the croaking of frogs rang out like a song. The kids went exploring in the reeds while the frogs croaked and a gentle breeze rustled the dry plants.
 You may think that this looks like a cowboy in a tree.......and you would be right in that assumption. Chance shimmied up this tree in cowboy boots. It was rather impressive. The quality of the picture is lacking, but the tree climbing skills were fabulous.

Chance also went exploring in the reeds. which were at times tall enough to hide even his almost 6 foot 2 frame. Chance is a kid at heart and not one to just sit and watch the view. He can watch the view too, but he also wants to get out and experience the world hands on.
He likes wide open spaces and being out in the natural world.
Yep, I think we're going to keep him.

Monday, April 02, 2018

When April Fool's Day and Easter mix

At our house, Easter is a special holiday. It is a day of rebirth, a day to remember our Savior.

This year, Easter also fell on April Fool's Day.  Our kids have enjoyed the opportunity to play tricks each year, but for some reason this year Chance was feeling especially tricky. He must have stayed up half the night arranging tricks for us to wake up to.
Perhaps the fact that Chance has the next week off of school for Spring Break made him feel a bit more jovial and fun loving.
One of the first things we noticed this morning was that our milk was apparently holding us up when we opened the fridge and found our normally docile milk holding an airsoft gun and wearing a  bandana. The milk does look quite dangerous.

Chance also made sure that his sister was not left out of the holiday fun. He went into her room after she fell asleep and turned all of the things on her wall and dresser upside down.

There were many surprises for us when we woke up courtesy of Chance and his flair for April Fool's Day tricks. Chance had a good laugh many times today as we found the various tricks he had waiting for us.

He better be ready for next year as I believe his brothers and sisters will be ready for some payback. I have to admit though, between Chance's cleaver tricks and his good natured laughing when we found another way he had tricked us, today was quite humorous.

Just another way that Chance keeps our lives interesting.