Sunday, February 18, 2018

Chance applies to colleges

Once upon a time there was little boy named Chance. He was a very cute little boy and he loved to play with his older brother who was his best buddy.

Chance and his brother singing together at the Speech Fair

Then suddenly without warning, the little boy grew up. He got bigger and started to wear cowboy hats on a regular basis. 

Chance at home in the mountains in his cowboy hat

Now, the little boy that grew up is in the process of hearing back from colleges that he has applied to. He is deciding which college he wants to attend. 
In the meantime, he will play soccer for his high school team, continue to work at his job each day and do his homework in a timely fashion. 
Chance was a fun little boy who was always playing imaginary games with his brother or exploring outside.
Now he is still fun, and he still likes to go exploring outside, but now he goes to dances with girls too. 
It will be exciting to see where Chance goes next. I have a feeling that great adventure await him and his cowboy hat. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Florida Report

Chance has now decided that he really likes Florida. He was able to do things there that he can't do here. Things like wear shorts in January, see rockets and visit Daytona raceway. Plus, he bunked with friends every night and when he is in our state, his friends all have their own houses to return to each evening.

Chance drank a lot of root beer while he was away. If you know Chance, this is not a surprise. He has a ritual of drinking root beer while he is on vacation. Chance is kind of a root beer snob......he likes to drink the specialty varieties of root beer.  The kind that comes in bottles and costs quite a bit more than the cans that you buy out of the vending machine.

This is what Chance had to say about the trip:

Getting to learn about space exploration at the Kennedy Space Center was a highlight of the trip. I was able to see the Atlantis Space Shuttle, the most recent space shuttle to retire and the end of the Space Shuttle Program. I was able to do some Astronaut training, where I was able to do a micro-gravity ladder, then I was a pilot for a Space Shuttle simulation. I was also able to do the spinning contraption that trains astronauts to control a spacecraft when it is spinning out of control with a joystick.

This whole trip was an absolute experience, ranging from space exploration, to raising a little cain with the boys, to taking a trip to see old cars (my kind of cars),  and seeing the mechanics and facts at Daytona Speedway.