Sunday, April 22, 2018

Snuggling For Warmth With the Pup

The second night she was home, Ammon climbed into the dog igloo on the deck and slept with her.
He didn't seem to mind the nip in the air at night. 
His devotion to cuddling the dog came first........before any trivial thing like the warmth of being in the house.
The pup is used to sleeping outside as that is where she stayed with her momma. She comes from a city that is 6,486 above sea level in the mountains.
Our elevation is 4,623 in the shadow of the mountains so our nights are warmer than what she has been experiencing at her place of birth.
She did have her momma that she would snuggle with though, so Ammon elected to take the snuggle role to help the pup keep warm.
Ammon is hanging out of the igloo a bit, but it seems to be working out well for both parties involved.

It looks like everyone is comfy cozy in their igloo home sharing body heat. I think they both have found their pack. And since Ammon has his implant and hearing aid off, he should sleep well no matter what kind of noises the puppy may make in the night.

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