Monday, May 08, 2017

EHDI Conference

The annual EHDI conference (Early Hearing Detection and Intervnetion), was held in Georgia and I got to attend. It is a great meeting that brings all sorts of professionals and parents together who are committed to sharing information and learning about how to best help children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

It is always good to meet with other parents who have children with hearing loss, people who are on the path with you as you navigate the world of hearing loss or deafness. Many of the professionals also have children who have hearing loss which only increases their passion to get kids what they need.

I have been involved with issues relating to childhood hearing loss and deafness for years now. Chance brought me into this world and I am continually amazed at the incredible people I meet and get to know. I am so grateful for those who are so dedicated to helping children who are deaf. There are people who have helped our two sons in everything from getting hearing aids and implants, to teachers and others who helped us on our journey and they will forever have a special place in our hearts.

I look at Chance and how far he has come from the early days of his diagnosis of being deaf. He went from a child who had to be taught to listen and respond to his own name to learning Mandarin. I am grateful for the journey, for the things I have learned and the things I have felt. Having a child with hearing loss opens up your heart in new ways and you see the world a little differently. I am more aware that people are on journeys that we may not understand and so being kind and withholding judgement is critical.

My two deaf sons have taught me a lot and have opened up a world to me that I would not know about without them. I love them, and am thankful for all the people, teachers, audiologists, speech therapists, doctors, other professionals and friends who have come along with us on this journey. There are some very dedicated people out there who are full of love for the deaf children that they serve.
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