Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Waking the dead

Waking Chance has always been a bit like waking the dead.  That kid can sleep through anything. A couple of year ago we tried a shaker alarm.  It didn't work.  He tried a deaf friend's shaking alarm clock and it didn't do the job. Chance could sleep through it.

I was at a the National Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Conference (EHDI) and came across this little beauty....

Well friends, we may have found a product that works in waking the other words Chance.
Chance tried it the first night and we all waited in anticipation to see if this little Timeshaker Wow had the power to get the job done.

Chance slept through it.

BUT the reason he slept through it, is because the little round part that goes under his pillow and does the shaking, is wireless and Chance didn't charge it long enough at first. So it didn't have a big enough charge to last through the entire night.

When the little shaker had been properly charged and the alarm level had been tuned onto earthquake level shaking,  it did indeed wake Chance up.

It was an exciting day that Chance will always remember.  He says he now understands why people want to push the snooze button as it is annoying to have something wake you up that you can't escape from. 

For years while most of the rest of us have been shaking our fists at the annoying sound of an alarm every morning, Chance has been missing out on that daily ritual. He can't escape it anymore.

The alarm is literally set at the "earthquake" level.......the highest one. This seems to be the level that is best for Chance.

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