Monday, March 28, 2016

Chance the driver

Chance is learning to drive.  He wants to drive home when I pick him up from soccer, he wants to drive to church, to the store and to any where else the family may be going.  Since Chance is taller than anyone else in the family now, he says that we all put the seat too far forward when we drive and he slides it way back when he drives.
Chance is actually a pretty good driver. He is careful and since he can't drive with out me or his father, he always goes the speed limit:)  I actually think Chance would go the speed limit even if we were not in the car with him.  He is very conscientious of what the speed limits on the roads are.  As he gets more and more comfortable with driving and can drive on his own, he may speed every once in a while.  I have heard that many teenage boys do this:) It is not worth the ticket you get and the mark it leaves on your driving record though.  We shall remind Chance of this regularly so he doesn't forget even when he is driving on his own.
For now, Chance is willing to do almost anything to drive and I enjoy my time in the car with him.  It is fun to talk to him and witness him grow and learn to do new things.  Especially when he is learning to do something that he enjoys so much.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Away in the mountains

There was no posting on the blog last week because our family was spending some time in a cabin that was in an area that was secluded enough that it didn't have any internet access without a several mile drive.

It was a difficult situation when it came to trying to turn in homework assignments, but a glorious situation for our family.  We spent a few days cross country skiing, snow shoeing, sledding, and sitting in the hot tub.  The kids built up quite a sledding hill.  The hill was there already in place thanks to mother nature, but the path was enriched and embellished by Chance and his brother.  Chance took a shovel and moved snow around so that the sledding path could start further up the hill and not lead into a tree.  Then Chance used the path as a skiing hill in his cross country skis that he brought from home.  It worked out well for him.

Chance had this to say about the cabin and I quote: "This must be what heaven is like......relaxation, miles and miles of pure country to roam in. Too bad I don't live here, or else I would be able to explore this place, know it, meet the people here."

There were bald eagles soaring overhead, and a beautiful fox that would walk right up on the side of the cabin by the window.  When the kids ran over to see him once, they scared him away, but he came back a few minutes later.  There must have been something he really liked by the cabin.

Chance took a cross country skiing break into the quiet wilderness among the trees. He was able to enjoy the solitude and openness of the lake and the clear bright sky.  It is off season for the area so we had the frozen lake and area to ourselves for the most part.  Our sledding path ended out on the frozen lake, and the tracks of our snow shoes and skis made paths across the snow covered surface.  We all loved it.

We played games as a family and had no appointments to keep except for the call of the snow outside the window. Many of Chance's friends wondered how one could survive without being able to use a computer or cell phone.  It can be done. I was glad to see that Chance was determined to bask in nature and forgo his cell phone even before we realized that receiving service at the cabin would be difficult.