Friday, August 25, 2006

Talking with strangers.....

While we were at the camp with other kids with cochlear implants, a most wonderful thing happened. The building where the meals were served, had several stairs that led to the entrance. One night as we left the building after dinner, Chance lagged behind holding onto the railing. As we turned to see where he was, we realized that Chance was having a conversation with a woman who standing below the railing!!! Now this might not seem like much, but for us it was a tear jerking moment. Chance usually holds back when someone he does not know asks him questions. He looks at us to help him understand what is being said and seems leery to respond. I think part of the reason might be a little shyness, but Chance also lacks confidence in his communicating abilities sometimes. Yet, there Chance was on the steps talking to a stranger. The woman had asked Chance how he was doing. Chance replied that he was fine. The woman then asked Chance if he was having fun at camp. Chance told her that he was and even told her some things that he had done. Chance did not even look for us to help with this conversation!! He just did what any other 6 year old would do and talked without holding back. It was wonderful for us to witness this! We just stood at the bottom of the stairs( I am sure that we were beaming) as Chance confidently exchanged pleasantries with a nice lady.

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