Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Live and learn

We learned another important thing today. Not only should we put batteries for the implant in the car, but also in the diaper bag or some other thing that we will always have with us:)
Tonight was pack meeting for Chance's brother who is in cub scouts(and Chance's dad who is the cub master). Pack meeting was held up in the canyon. It was a lovely place to have a pack meeting really, but Chance's implant died just as he arrived. And since we hiked in, going back to car was out of the question. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THE IMPLANT BATTERIES DYING JUST AS CHANCE GETS TO THE CANYON?! The diffuculty is, little boys think forests and hills and paths are great places to explore. And they are. But since Chance could not hear us if we called him back, we had to regulate him to our little camp spot. All it would take is for Chance to wander off, get lost and we would be hard pressed to find him since he could not hear us call. Chance was pretty good at sticking around, though he did go to the outer most edges of the camp spot.
I am glad to report though, that we as parents are getting smarter. We are going to put batteries in the diaper bag. And maybe my purse, his dads wallet, his siblings shoes and tape some to the baby stroller. Apparently, one can never be too prepared when it comes to implant batteries.
Chance heard me call his name today while he was engrossed watching television, with kids running around the house, and me standing over in the kitchen! I had actually started walking towards him as I called him thinking I would have to get closer for him to hear me. It was wonderful to have his little face turn to me and say "what." I don't think I will ever take hearing for granted again after living with Chance.

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