Sunday, January 04, 2009

Chance starts indoor soccer

Chance really likes to play soccer so we decided to enroll him in an indoor soccer league this winter.

The other leagues Chance has played in have been city leagues. This time, it is a soccer team run by someone else.

I didn't mention that Chance was deaf when I went to enroll him. We have found that people actually respond better when they can meet Chance and make a judgment then, instead of brewing for days over what having a deaf child on their team may mean.

If it makes sense to tell people he is deaf we will talk to the coach or teacher such as when he takes swimming lessons. Chance is such a good little soccer player though, that we figured mentioning that he was deaf would not be needed.

Chance;s dad took Chance to his first game, and just sent him out onto the field. Chance's best little buddy is on his team so they are very excited to play together.

I was curious as to how sound would bounce off of the sides of the arena. It is just one of those big bubble roofed facilities where noise is just bouncing all over the place. We figured that as long as Chance can hear the coach in huddles and know what is happening in the game, we'll let him be.

Sometimes when Chance has played sports, Chance's dad or I have stood on the base, or down court or whatever was needed to ensure that Chance is able to know what is going on.

Chance did just fine at soccer. The arena version of soccer allows more time with the ball and goes at a faster pace. Chance really liked that. He told family and friends how fun it was.

At one point during the game, a ref called out, "Where are Chance's parents?" Chance's dad did not hear the question as he was talking to someone, but another parent pointed him out to the ref.

"How's Chance doing with his implants?" She asked.

"Fantastic!" Chance's dad answered.

"That is awesome!" The ref said and then went back to her job.

That was quite nice to have an interaction with someone who seemed to know at least a little about implants and was excited to know they were working well.
Chance's team ended up winning the game which made Chance very happy as his summer league team didn't win many of their games. Chance also got to be goalie for part of the time which he was excited about.

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