Monday, February 13, 2017

Sweethearts Dance

Chance went to The Sweethearts dance this weekend. It was a girls' choice dance so the girls planned the whole shin dig. The date was a whole day affair, with Chance and the boys coming back to our house to change after the afternoon activities to get ready for the dance. This process of getting ready for the dance always takes a bit longer for the girls, so the boys get ready and then hang out at one of the boys' houses and play games, watch a movie or engage in some other activity while they wait for the girls to get ready and then pick them up for the dance.

While they were at the restaurant, all of the kids poured a bit of their drink into a cup and Chance drank it. A sort of root beer, Sprite, lemonade, orange sort of mix. Apparently, it was really fun and entertaining.

The first activity of the day was being a human ball. Chance loved this part of the date and if you look closely you can see Chance's and his date's legs hanging out of the balls as they play a game. I think Chance may be the one on the ground.

A good time was had by all and Chance was dropped off by his date and one of the other girls and they were all laughing. I would say the date was a success.

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