Monday, February 06, 2017

Chance's San Francisco Presentation as the walking wounded

Chance had a marvelous time in San Francisco. He got to see the Golden Gate Bridge again and he ate lots and lots of Chinese Food.

Chance just gave his presentation at school yesterday and when we got to the school, there was no Chance in the Chinese display room.  Each student chooses an aspect of Chinese life or culture to study indepth and give a presentation on. Chance chose calligraphy. He had a video showing the different strokes, how the strokes were made, the kind of paper used and a poem that was written at Angel Island, a state park which was the Asian Immigration Processing location from 1910 to 1940.

I called Chance to see where he was when I arrived at the school. Chance told me he was busy working with the CERT team but would be up to the classroom soon.

The CERT team is the group that studied community emergency response for their Winterim. Chance was being prepared for a demonstration the CERT team was doing which meant he looked like this:

Chance was part of their presentation of what first responders would do if there was an actual emergency in the community. It sort of grossed his little sister out.

When Chance got back up to the room to show us his presentation, it looked like that:

Chance loved his San Francisco trip and the opportunity learn more about Chinese culture.  He had a memorable trip with friends and teachers that will help him broaden his knowledge about Chinese culture.

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