Monday, February 20, 2017

Exploding implants on the bench press

A few days ago while I was getting ready for the day, I thought I heard Chance out in the living room. That wouldn't be right though, because Chance's school had started over an hour earlier and I knew he had gone to school.

Low and behold, it was Chance though. I figured out it really was him that I had heard when he walked into my bedroom. It turns out that during his first hour class while he was bench pressing, one of his implants had fallen onto the floor and the battery pack had shattered. That must have been quite a workout Chance was engaged in.

Chance, not feeling like having only one implant for the rest of the day, picked up the pieces and drove home to get his back up implant. Thank heavens for back up implants. And I got a little surprise visit from Chance mid morning.  

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