Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We're mov'in on up

In case anyone is wondering, we have not yet found the remote. We are past the point of thinking it is just laying on some random surface of the house and has been overlooked.  Obviously, the little device has found a more obscure location to lodge itself. I would have included a picture of the remote in this post, but obviously that will have to wait.

 Did I mention that the remote costs $500.00 to replace?

We need that remote, and deep down, I think it needs us too.  After all, what good can it do if we can't use it?  Pray for us.

On the bright side, Chance just had another visit to his audiologist.  His left ear, which had been performing at about 30% is now scoring at 75% with 72% word recognition and 87% phonemes recognition.  Before the implant failure, he was scoring at about 85% in that left ear, so we are on the way back to normal.

To demonstrate what having a loss in one ear can do, I share an example from Chance's Sunday School class several weeks ago.  The teacher was talking about a man named Aaron.  Due to rowdy 12 year old boys and the sheer number in the classroom, Chance was having a hard time hearing, so he repeated back, Darrin?
His teacher said no, Aaron.

Chance said Saren?

His teacher said, "No, Aaron."

"Maron"  Chance asked.

His teacher said A-A-R-O-N with added emphasis, speaking slower and smacking his hand against his head. This was in no way intended as a slam on Chance, he is good friends with his teacher.  It was more exasperation at the noise level in the classroom.

"Oh AARON!"  Chance said laughing.

Having two fully working ears really does help:)

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