Friday, December 14, 2012

The remote

Chance is a responsible and organized boy which is a good thing.  Except, in the case of his remote for his implants, it was not enough.

We have lost the remote to Chance's implants. When we first realized that this new upgrade had a remote control, we immediately thought of the possibility of losing the remote.

We reasoned that Chance was older now and that should lessen the chance for a loss since he was old enough to be responsible and take care of his things.

We even designated a place in the house where the remote should go.....the implant drawer where batteries, stick ons(for the cover of the implant) and protective cases are kept.

We made it for a few months:)

We keep thinking the thing is going to turn up in some random place but so far it has kept itself well hidden.
Part of the problem, which we will be sure to address as soon as we actually find the dang thing, is that Chance tends to carry the remote around the house at night.

We need some sort of system like our phones have so we can page the remote.

The remote is awesome and a great tool to help change channels on the implant etc. and someday, we'll be able to utilize those options again.

Soon.  Hopefully soon.

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