Sunday, December 02, 2012

Honor Roll

Just a little poem to express some of my feelings about our journey with my sweet son Chance.

      A Chance To Hear

There once was a young boy who could not hear,
he had been unable to express that he was deaf in both ears.

When the diagnosis was given, the doctors were leery,
what could they tell the boys parents who were shocked and weary?

Would this boy go to school with all of his peers,
would he ever regain the use of his ears?

Could he play sports and be active like his brother,
would he and his hearing cousins be able to bond with each other?

Would the neighborhood kids include him in their games,
could he hang out with his peers and feel just the same?

What would this boy be able to learn in school,
would he only communicate with other deaf people as a rule?

What were his possibilities for jobs and career,
would he be independent and interact with those that could hear?

Would his options in life be limited and created by others,
would his life be full of the same possibilities as  his brother?

How would this deaf boys life play out,
would he feel fullfilled and know what the world was about?

Would he realize that he was capable of anything he sent his mind to,
that he was smart, and could do anything anyone else could do?

Did he know how much he was loved even though he did not hear the expressions,
did he know  his parents were doing everything in their power to help him?

Did he feel when his mother held him that everything was going to be alright,
that together with his dad they would find what he needed no matter the fight?

Only time could tell what the boys future would hold,
everyone would have to wait and see what would unfold.

It soon became apparent that the boy was persistent,
he would work hard, over come, and be resistant.

After being behind his peers by two and a half years for many grades,
the boy  would begin to triumph and the gap would slowly begin to fade.

When his peers worked hard, the boy would work harder,
he was not content with just doing the minimum, he was determined to go farther.

After years of work, determination and incredible will,
the boy caught up and surpassed many of his peers and kept going still.

By junior high, and a failing implant that had to be replaced,
the boy was holding his own and moving at an accelerated pace.

As a sign of triumph and a testimony of what this boy could accomplish,
he completely immersed himself with his peers and caught  up from his early years

He had never given up and held strong to lofty goals,
and now a certificate from his school has let him know,

Despite all the obstacles, challenges and the unknown,
through the years the boy had persevered and grown,

And as just one of the tokens along the path has shown,
how far he has come, how far he has grown,

The boy brought home a certificate so that we all could know,

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