Friday, July 30, 2010

I get by with a little help from my friends

Since Chance's new mapping a few weeks back, he seems to be missing more when we are talking. I notice it and his dad notices it. Chance is adamant that he hears just fine, it is just quiet sometimes or there is too much other noise in the room.


So today, I told Chance that I was going to ask his two best friends in the neighborhood if they thought Chance was hearing as well as he usually does. I saw the three boys outside riding their scooters and called Chance over.

"I am going to ask your friends if they think you are hearing as well as you usually do." I told him.

"Ok!" Chance said surprised but not bothered.

So I called his friends over to ask them and Chance stood by with a little smile on his face.

"Does Chance seem to hear you as well as he always has?" I asked his friends.

Chance looked from one friend to the other.

Once shook his head yes and the other one said,"Ya."

Chance's dad happened to walk out while we were having this little chit chat and said,"Does he ask what more often or seem not to hear you?"

"Only if I talk really quiet but that is the way it always is."

"Chance just got his implants programmed so we wanted to make sure they were working like they needed to," I said.

His friends nodded and then a smiling Chance sped down the driveway with his friends.

Score: Chance 1 Parents 0


Andrus Family said...

I always love a little extra help, and sometimes even prefer it from the kids-it always seems to come across as completely honest! Miss you guys-and love you! Give those beautiful kids of yours a great big bear-hug from Aunt Ali and Uncle Matt!!

Ammie said...

I think it should be chance 1 and parents 1. I think you got a point from the previous post. Hee,hee. I love that Chance!