Monday, July 26, 2010

Hah! A mamma's revenge

So Chance did that thing again where takes off the part of the implants attached to the magnet and just lets them hang there flopping on the sides of his face. This means he can not hear a stinking thing. He did not want to listen to what I was saying so he released his ability to hear.

This ability to quit hearing at will disturbs me a bit as a mother. Chance does not do it much, but the fact that the capabilities are there is, well....disturbing. And it is not something that I want to become a regular occurrence. What if Chance goes through an awkward teen stage of not thinking we're cool (like that could happen) and he doesn't want to listen to us so he just unattaches his implants on a regular basis?

Today I fought back. Chance unhooked his implants and they were there dangling by the side of his head as he looked down.(we want to make sure he could not read my lips either apparently).

So, I took the implants off of his head. How many moms can take their kids ears off? I wasn't angry, Chance is a good sport and laughs easily so I figured he would appreciate the joke yet get the point at the same time. This caused Chance to look up. Then I calmly just said," If you are not going to use them, then it is my turn." And I put them on my ears and walked off.

Chance was soon following behind me saying,"I want them back."

I just replied,"It is my turn to use them since you are not."

Chance was bemused by this and as he called for me to return his implants, a smile would creep onto his face though he tried to hide it sometimes.

I walked down the hall and into the bathroom with Chance following close behind me.
I only had the implants on for a few minutes. But I think those few minutes made Chance realize just how much he missed his implants when they were gone :)


Andrus Family said...

Quick thinking on your part! Love it, and I am sure Chance got the point...he's such a sweetheart!

Ann said...

That was a perfect strategy. When I was young, I learned I had that advantage of shutting people down by looking away (pre-implant). However, it wasn't until I did that to a boss, that I learned VERY quickly you DON'T do this. I'm glad Chance is learning that one much younger than I did.

Emma said...

I love your reaction. So calm and collected, not angry like I would have been. You have such patience! Love ya.