Saturday, August 07, 2010

How Chance affects the tires we buy...

Apparently, it was time to buy some new tires for our van. We now know this because one of the front tires was punctured by something lying in the road in our neighborhood and so Chance's dad took it in to be replaced as the tear was not repairable.

While he was there, Chance's dad was shown where all the other tires were worn almost to the steel rims on the side facing the van that we don't usually see. Good thing we got that message now before we had a blow out or something.

Since this was a somewhat unexpected expense, we were going over the options of which tires would do the job well, with out breaking the budget.

We have been going to this tire place for a while and have found them to be very helpful and honest. Chance's dad was shown a set of tires and told that "they will do the job, but they are a different rubber that will generate more road noise in the van."

More road noise in the van? That could be a big deal for Chance. So, we opted for the tires that were $150.00 more to maintain a quieter ride. We figure Chance is worth it:)


misha~sha-sha said...

We actually considered buying a hybrid car for that reason. Whenever you stop, the engines shuts off and it gets REALLY quiet. Hadley still calls it "that quiet car" we drove.

Ammie said...

He sure is worth it! :) You guys are so awesome! Chance is lucky to have you and we're all lucky to have Chance in our lives!