Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chance hears the kids hiding while playing hide and seek

Today was spring break and so many neighborhood children joined my kids in playing a game of hide and seek. Kids were dashing all over the house trying to find hiding places. As Chance was counting, the kids decided to hide out in the garage.

I wasn't sure if Chance would even think to look in the garage. But as soon as he finished counting, Chance ran over to where the garage door was because he had heard something over there. Chance looked around and then ran back the other way, but he did hear and localize that he had heard a noise several rooms away from where he was counting. Later, as Chance dashed back through still looking for kids, I may have given him a little hint as to where the kids could be.

We have found that the second implant really helps Chance localize sound. He turns to where the noise or sound comes from, and he is much more consistent in localizing where voices are coming from. I can call Chance from across the house and he will hear me.

This is especailly good news for Chance's older brother as it gives us another child to call when we need things done :) For a long time Chance could not hear when we called him so his older brother was the one we called to turn out the light as they came up the hall, or to get a baby blanket or to lock the door. Now Chance has no protection against our requests. We know that much of the time, he can hear us :)

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