Monday, July 15, 2013

Sometimes being deaf doesn't matter, it is simply a matter of luck

Ahhhhh, the great outdoors!  Add in a few cousins, sprinkle in some aunts and uncles plus siblings and who could ask for anything more?
Chance chill'in and playing pool with cousins.

We spent a few days at a cabin in the mountains where Chance and his cousins slept out on the wrap around  porch.  So many cousins, and so little sleep.

On the second night, I slept in the loft with Chance's younger brother. A sky light was about 3 feet above my head, so when the hail started, I was clued in quite quickly that the clouds were releasing the small balls of ice.

Did I mention that Chance and his cousins were sleeping on the porch?  Chance doesn't hear hail hitting wood planks.  Even if he is laying on the wood planks.

I found Chance crashed on the rocker/recliner the next morning when I went down for breakfast. I figured he must be soaked to the bone.  His brother would have at least had a warning that something was amiss when he heard the hail start to fall.  Chance may have clued in when small pellets of ice started to smack him in the face.

As it turns out,  the cousin sleeping right next to Chance had to leave in the wee hours of the morning with his family. Chance had moved into the cabin when he'd felt his cousin dragging his sleeping bag into the house so he could fold it up and leave for home. It helped that Chance was cold and so he was not in as deep a sleep as he might have been otherwise.

Chance was saved from the hailstorm by a stroke of luck.

Chance's hearing brother however, was so tired from lack of sleep that he got quite saturated with moisture  before he realized that mother nature had unleashed herself onto his sleeping bag.

The moral of this story is, sometimes it does not matter if you can hear or not.  Some things just come down to luck.

        Two highly attractive boys on the wrap around porch. Before the hailstorm got everything all wet.

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