Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fine tuning the speech...

Chance's speech is coming along very well. He can hear the sounds he needs to pronunciate for almost all he hears. There are a few errors that we need to work on, but the thing we notice the most now, is language usage.

Chance will hear a new word, and I think he just hears it and then starts using the word the way he thinks the word is used. This is great as it is exactly what kids do when they are learning language. Every once in a while though the words Chance chooses to use are not the usual way of saying things. This is fine, because he is still learning vocabulary as are all of the kids his age. Certain words though, his peers would already know.

For example, Chance was distressed because one of his friends at school had not been there for 3 days in a row.

I expressed to Chance that maybe his friend was sick. The flu is going around and it can easily knock someone out for 3 days.

Chance hung his head and said," No, I think he has been transported."

Doing some quick thinking about what that could mean in the context of our conversation, I realized that what Chance meant was, he thinks his friend had been transferred. As in transferred to another school.

THESE are the sorts of things we need to fine tune now. Helping Chance clarify what some of these new words he is picking up mean.

Thankfully, Chance's friend Ryan had not been transported. He had been deer hunting.

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Ammie said...

Well, remember when Chance's friends thought he could hear aliens from space with his implants? maybe, the aliens told him his friend had been transported. ;) Now, being from AZ, I thought you were going to find out that his friend had been deported. ha!