Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chance may always miss this....

Chance's brother had a late, late birthday party where he took several friends and his brother Chance to a minor league baseball game.

The boys all went down on the field with Chance's brother while the stadium sang a birthday salute. Chance had his sunglasses confiscated by the owl mascot who just couldn't quite get the sunglasses to fit over his eyes which were as Chance put it,"huge!"

A good time was also had by all as they tried to catch foul balls in a field behind the first-base line.

On the way home, the boys all sang to the radio. As each song would begin, the boys would hear just one or two notes and then break into song in unison. But not Chance.

Chance would look around like,"How do they all know what to sing?"

Even after notes 6,7, 8, and 9, Chance wasn't identifying the songs. This may always be a struggle for Chance. He does not catch onto songs as soon as people with out implants, and it takes him more time to identify what song comes on. He loves music and he does learn the words after time. His chorus teacher said that he had good rhythm and she pointed out that not all of her kids with normal hearing had that.

This is not a huge tragedy. Chance can hear so well, but he is deaf, and his hearing is not perfect. We certainly don't mind his music delay. He may though, especially as he gets older and music becomes more and more important to kids his age. I hope he does not let it bother him too much.

Maybe we'll have to teach him to say something like,"Hey, I may not know as many songs as well as you do, but I have learned to hear again after going deaf. I'm doing just fine!" He could even say something along the lines of,"My mother thinks I am fabulous even if I don't catch every song on the radio. She told me so:)


Andrus Family said...

You know-it never crossed my mind that this would be a struggle for Chance. In fact, when the family all gets together he seems to be at the same pace as his cousins his age in nearly every aspect. I hope he is patient with himself where music is concerned-and I really hope is able to pick out those areas he excels in! He is so amazing! Love you guys! and Happy Birthday to his big brother too!!!!

Ann said...

Music has always been important to me. I would get the current popular songs and the lyrics and listen to them a few times to learn them. Those are the songs I recognize when I hear. Maybe it would be fun family activities to sing some of the common songs that are out there.
If people know songs and Chance doesn't, he could also make a joke of it. I remember a friend was shocked I didn't know a popular song of the time. He said, Where have you been?" I smirked and said, Well I've been deaf ya' know!" It was funny and we laughed about it, because he did not think and he realized his gaffe! It's like I pulled one over on him, and he was laughing sheepishly, It was pretty funny, and I certainly didn't feel left out! :)

Amie said...

everyday we will realize new things about our CI kids..I guess, their limitations will bother us as parents more than it will ever gonna bother them.