Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Captions in the Morning

This morning Chance and I were the first ones awake.  I came out into the living room to find Chance watching television. I sat down in the rocking chair and started watching along with him. It was only after a while when I had a question about a character in the show that I realized that Chance and I were watching the television in silence.  When I asked Chance my question, he didn't answer and I realized that he didn't yet have implants on. I had just sat down and started reading the subtitles like Chance does. I wasn't even thinking about the lack of sound. It was probably because it was first thing in the morning and I was still tired. I have to admit there was a certain peacefulness in not having sound first thing in the morning. I had to pay much closer attention to what I was watching and if I glanced away for even a moment, I missed what the characters were saying, but I have learned how to read the subtitles and take in the scenes on the television screen really fast. Living with Chance has helped to broaden my skill set.

Chance scores really high marks on reading abilities when he is tested in school. I think all of the caption reading he does has helped build up that skill!

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