Monday, October 08, 2012

The unwinding

Once again we got to unwind Chance's implant bandages here in the comfort of our own home.  The first time we were unexpectedly made aware that the bandages were sticking to the wound and Chance's dad and I switched our roles at that point:  I started filming while his dad dealt with the wound:)
Chance is ready to unwind

You are sent home with a big old mummy wrap around your child's head, and then they tell you to take it off yourselves.

That is all well and good, but the first time we were unprepared for the fact that the bandages were sticking to the wound through blood.  I was doing the unwrapping at the time and Chance's dad was filming as we stood in the bathroom facing the mirror. Neither one of us was real excited to take the bandages off that were sticking. 

What if it ripped something open?

That is when we switched places and Chance's dad started unwinding the wound while I filmed:)

Getting up close and personal

It was explicitly written in our marriage vow that Chance's dad take care of all potentially painful parental duties and dead things.  He doesn't remember that part, but I do.
I wasn't sick or freaked out by the wound, I had tugged at the bandage a little and it was really stuck on there, and I was worried about doing damage.

Chance was watching this whole process in the mirror, so we didn't want to freak him out or hurt him.

So, now that it is time number three,  we just left those little sticky bandages that were stuck to the wound by blood on until they came off themselves a few days later.  

Those tiny bloody bandages underneath will just come
off when they are good and ready:)
Chance was fine with that, we were fine with that and we just let nature take it's course

We've learned a thing or two over time:)

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