A Chance To Hear Products

Our hope here is to share some of the products and books that have been helpful in our journey. Some products are CI/HA related, others are books or music that we have found helpful. Hope you enjoy :)

Assistive Listening Devices

Chance uses these NoiZFree earhooks.
He loves them !!!!
He can listen to his ipod, dvd's in the car, or anything else that has an earphone jack.
He also uses them at church.  Our church is equipped with an assistive listening device, where the audio signal from the pulpit goes right to a receiver that he picks up from the chapel's library, and that signal goes right to his implants.
The signal transfer uses the telecoil feature of the implants.
Also works with hearing aids that have telecoil.

This product is for bilateral hearing (could be one implant and one hearing aid)

And this product is for unilateral hearing.
Chance's Music Choices

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Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Batteries

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Books - Learning to Read, Parent experiences, etc

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